What is Career path of Machine Learning after Pandemic Crisis

What is Career path of Machine Learning after Pandemic Crisis:
 Today we can probably notice that Technology has brought tremendous changes in both our personal and professional life. In fact, we are all surrounded by technologies all over the place. Adding to that, we can admit, the first thing that an individual tends to do right after they wake up in the morning is to check their phones. 
         And while checking their phones, they are more likely to use various social media platforms, news portals, etc. which might be called the daily habit of most individuals. Today most news portal sites, social media platforms, etc. use Automation and Artificial Intelligence to provide optimum user experience while using the application.  Therefore, artificial intelligence is impacting our day to day life these days. 


What is Career path of Machine Learning after Pandemic Crisis
                In the present market, customer satisfaction is something very essential for every business or organization. So, to better understand the requirement of the users, the data are first analyzed then, the services or items are recommended to the users. Therefore, machine learning plays a vital role in executing a business or whether it be for small or large, public, or private organizations. 
                       Besides, Machine learning can be used for recommending various items, support remote communication, etc., and additionally, machine learning technology also creates a positive impact on the economy of a country.

      Now, let’s have a look at the role of machine learning in the current pandemic we are facing. COVID 19 has now turned our world upside down. However, machine learning has been playing a vital role in creating new opportunities for the New Normal world. These days, Machine learning is becoming useful to understand and address the COVID 19 crisis. Also, it is to understand the reason behind the spreading of COVID 19. Additionally, it speeds up the research and treatment of the patients by predicting the possibility of an increase in the number of COVID cases in different areas as per the obtained relatable data to make further decisions.

              Imagine what happens if we can recognize the threat before it occurs? We can imagine the impact of the crisis that is about to occur or get minimized or never occur. Taking an example of the current pandemic of COVID 19, Machine Learning has allowed calculating the probability of virus spreading to people and predicting its impacts to take necessary precautions by all the countries accordingly. Furthermore, with this, the areas with high risk could be predicted as per the discovery of COVID 19 cases to take necessary actions.


Machine Learning has a high scope in various sectors such as health, transportation, business sector, and so on. In the present context, machine learning is not only used to predict the requirement of the consumers but also to predict the sales as per the geographical location in different areas. Therefore, Machine learning can create an impact in various fields and can also work for analyzing the current trends in the market to meet the demands of its users.

Therefore, the field of machine learning is growing and will continue to grow even in the coming days. So, in the future, it would not be a big surprise if human resources get replaced by various automated systems if it continues to grow. However, the utilization of machine learning will play a vital role in making life more convenient for humankind in the upcoming years and eventually compel humans to evolve their skill sets to sustain in the market.

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