Top Earners sql Hacker Rank Solution

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Top Earners sql Hacker Rank Solution
Top Earners sql – Hacker Rank Solution

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We define an employee’s total earnings to be their monthly  worked, and the maximum total earnings to be the maximum total earnings for any employee in the Employee table. Write a query to find the maximum total earnings for all employees as well as the total number of employees who have maximum total earnings. Then print these values as  space-separated integers.

Input Format

The Employee table containing employee data for a company is described as follows:

where employee_id is an employee’s ID number, name is their name, months is the total number of months they’ve been working for the company, and salary is the their monthly salary.

Sample Input

Sample Output

69952 1


The table and earnings data is depicted in the following diagram:


The maximum earnings value is . The only employee with earnings  is Kimberly, so we print the maximum earnings value () and a count of the number of employees who have earned  (which is ) as two space-separated values.

Top Earners sql Hacker Rank Solution

                         FROM EMPLOYEE);

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Is HackerRank good for SQL practice?

You’ve probably heard of HackerRank before, so it should be no surprise to you that they have one of the best collections of SQL practice challenges around.

Which SQL does HackerRank use?

The HackerRank Test interface has an in-built database query editor and supports programming in Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, or DB2 databases.

What is HackerRank SQL?

Basic. Get Certificate. SQL is an industry-standard query language that works with relational databases. Unlike some earlier systems, queries are performed at the server and only the results are passed to a client. This resulted in the ability to work with large databases efficiently over a network. 

How many questions are there in HackerRank for SQL?

That will also help your SQL code challenges journey

It took me a bit more than two weeks (on and off between work, workout, and taking the kid to day school, etc.) to finish all the 58 SQL challenges on the site, and I gained quite some insights from the journey (and having quite some fun doing that!).

Where can I find HackerRank solutions in SQL?

in this post, you will get all the solutions of HackerRank SQL Problems.

Finally, we are now, in the end, I just want to conclude some important message for you

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