NPTEL Soft Skills Week 8 Assignment 8 Answer

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NPTEL Soft Skills Week 8 Assignment 8 Answer
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NPTEL Soft Skills Week 8 Assignment 8 Answer 2022 :-

Given below are multiple-choice questions having four options. Select the most appropriate option as your answer.

Q1. Which of the following features is/are included in an abstract?

  • Pagination
  • Graphs and charts
  • Purpose of the report
  • Equations, figures, and tables.

Q.2. Which among the following does not formulate an executive summary of a report?

  • Objectives
  • Findings
  • Methodology
  • References

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NPTEL Soft Skills Week 8 Assignment 8 Answer

Q.3. Style for functional writing should be unobtrusive, an invisible medium like a windowpane through which the information can be clearly seen. Who has said these lines?

  • George Orwell
  • Nathanial Hawthorne
  • George Elliot
  • Mohsin Hamid

Q.4. What is/are the advantage(s) of group communication?

  • Seldom productive and fruitful
  • Individual views are often ignored
  • Creates a sense of belonging and adds group dynamics
  • Hidden agenda of some may affect group interaction

Q.5. Which one is/are the correct form of MLA formatting style?

  • Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for writers of Research Papers. Sixth Edition. New Delhi: EWP. 2004
  • Gibaldi, J. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 2004. New Delhi, Edition: EWP.
  • Both A & B
  • None of the above
Identify the True statements and write (T) against them and (F) against the False statements: (05)

Q.6. An abstract is a clear, concise, and condensed record of any report or research paper.

  • True
  • False

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Q.7. Summary is generally shorter than the abstract.

  • True
  • False

Q.8. Acceptance of everyone’s ideas without any discussion is one of the advantages of group communication skills.

  • True
  • False
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Q.9. Working towards a common set of goals is one of the characteristics of a team.

  • True
  • False

Q.10. Glossary serves as a window display of the report.

  • True
  • False

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NPTEL Soft Skills Week 8 Assignment 8 Answer
Fill in the blanks with the most suitable option given as a choice.

 Q.11. __ is one of the ways of improving report style.

  • Readability
  • Impenetrability

Q.12. A ______  is an assemblage of persons who work, interact, and co-operate with one another in achieving a common goal in a specified time.

  • Team
  • Group

Q.13. A group of people who join for achieving a common goal within a stipulated period, having collective accountability is known as the ___

  • team
  • propagandists

Q.14. Encouraging, harmonizing, and compromising come under __ roles of the group.

  • selforiented
  • maintenance

Q.15. A language full of technical or special words used in a particular profession is called

  • jargon
  • trope

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NPTEL Soft Skills Week 8 Assignment 8 Answer
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About NPTEL Soft Skills Course:

Soft Skills, a buzz word today has attracted the attention of students, professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world. Employability, being the major concern today, every individual aims at getting coveted jobs. Employability today is commensurate with proving multiple skills in varied situations in a fast changing world. Hence, everyone aspiring for jobs today has to prove one’s mettle in various situations where one requires to be armed with different skills, which, collectively come under Soft Skills. COURSE LAYOUT The course structure and content covers, over a period of 12 weeks:
  • Week 1: Introduction to Soft Skills, Aspects of Soft Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Classification of Communication, Personality Development
  • Week 2: Positive Thinking, Telephonic Communication Skills, Communicating without Words, Paralanguage
  • Week 3: Proxemics,  Haptics: The Language of Touch, Meta-communication, Listening Skills, Types of Listening
  • Week 4: Negotiation Skills, Culture as Communication, Organizational Communication
  • Week 5: Communication Breakdown, Advanced Writing Skills, Principles of Business Writing
  • Week 6: Business Letters, Business Letters: Format and Style, Types of Business Letter
  • Week 7: Writing Reports, Types of Report, Strategies for Report Writing, Evaluation and Organization of Data
  • Week 8: Structure of Report, Report Style, Group Communication Skills
  • Week 9: Leadership Skills, Group Discussion, Meeting Management, Adaptability & Work Ethics
  • Week 10:Advanced Speaking Skills, Oral Presentation, Speeches & Debates, Combating Nervousness, Patterns & Methods of Presentation, Oral Presentation: Planning & Preparation
  • Week 11:Making Effective Presentations, Speeches for Various Occasions, Interviews, Planning & Preparing: Effective Résumé,
  • Week 12: Facing Job Interviews, Emotional Intelligence & Critical Thinking, Applied Grammar
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