NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 6 Answers 2023

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NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 6 Answers 2023
NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 6 Answers 2023

NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 6 Answers 2023:

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Q.1. What kind of life is characterized by using signature strengths ā€œto serve something that is larger than what you areā€?

  • (a) The Pleasant Life
  • (b) The meaningful Life
  • (c) The Balanced Life
  • (d) The Good Life

Q.2. As per the character strengths & virtue handbook. there are _ core virtues and _ character strengths.

  • (a) 7.28
  • (b) 6.24
  • (c) 5.20
  • (d) 4.16

Q.3. Which of the following represents the relationship between emotional literacy and quality of life?

  • (a) No Relation
  • (b) Negative Relation
  • (c) Positive Relation
  • (d) Strong Negative Relation
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NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 6 Answers 2023

Q.4. Which of the following represents common methods for enhancing emotional intelligence?

  • (a) Good Role Models
  • (b) Direct Reading classes on personality development
  • (c) Both (a) and (b)
  • (d) None of these

Q.5. Only positive emotions determine how adaptive an individual will be

  • (a) True
  • (b) False

Q.6. Prejudices & Stereotypes arise due to:-

  • (a) Emotional Intelligence
  • (b) Emotional Reasoning
  • (c) Emotional Biases
  • (d) Emotional Understanding

Q.7. Which of the following is a very important contributor to happiness?

  • (a) Money
  • (b) Age
  • (c) Gender
  • (d) Extraversion
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Q.8. Which of the following helps an individual to avoid negative events and punishments?

  • (a) Behavioral inhibition system
  • (b) Behavioral management system
  • (e) Behavioral activation system
  • (d) Behavioral management system

Q.9. Mr. Y has a good social network size. This characteristic of Mr. Y could be attributed due to the:-

  • (a) Low emotional intelligence
  • (b) High emotional intelligence
  • (e) Very low emotional intelligence
  • (d) None of these

Q.10. Emotional storytelling helps people who could not share and resolve their emotional baggage.

  • (a) True
  • (b) False
NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 6 Answers Join GroupšŸ‘‡
NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 6 Answers 2023

Q.11. Identify the incorrect statement.

  • (a) Optimism plays a positive role in the recovery of cancer patients.
  • (b) Attending workshops and seminars on personality development can be used enhancing emotional intelligence for
  • (c) Introspection cannot be used as a method for enhancing emotional intelligence.
  • (d) Media Programmes for children can be used for improving the emotional intelligence of children.

Q.12. Identify the correct statement.

  • (a) Emotional intelligence is not the domain of positive psychology.
  • (b) High aspirations lead to poor achievement.
  • (c) Blissful workplace is characterized by lot of conflict and negativity among employees.
  • (d) Forgiveness and gratitude are important characteristics of emotionally intelligent employees.

Q.13. Which of the following is a virtue as per the character strengths and virtues handbook?

  • (a) Spirituality
  • (b) Emotional Maturity
  • (c) Proclivity
  • (d) Humanity

Q.14. Positive emotions help in findings positive meaning in life.

  • (a) True
  • (b) False

Q.15. Which of the following theory was given by Laura Carstensen?

  • (a) Self-Regulation Theory
  • (b) Self-Penetration Theory
  • (c) Self-Determination Theory
  • (d) Socioemotional Selectivity Theory
NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 6 Answers Join GroupšŸ‘‡

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About NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Course:

ā€œIntelligence quotient (IQ) gets you hired but emotional quotient (EQ) gets you promotedā€. This popular quote by Times magazine during late nineties has made the concept of emotional intelligence more popular among people by highlighting its multiple implications and applications. The uses and utility of emotional intelligence at home, school and workplace have benefited thousands in many disciplines. This course is designed to sensitize the participants about the concept, theory and applications of emotional intelligence. The participants will get to know the added advantage of EQ the software of the brain over the hardware (EQ). This programme will also explore how our hearts rule over our heads for creative creation.

Course Overview:
  • Week 1:Ā Introduction to emotion, intelligence & wisdom
  • Week 2:Ā Concept, theory, measurement and applications of intelligence
  • Week 3:Ā Emotional intelligence: concept, theory and measurements
  • Week 4:Ā Correlates of emotional intelligenceĀ 
  • Week 5:Ā Emotional intelligence, culture, schooling and happiness
  • Week 6:Ā For enhancing emotional intelligenceĀ EQ mappingĀ 
  • Week 7:Ā Managing stress, suicide prevention, through emotional intelligence, spirituality and meditation
  • Week 8:Ā Application of emotional intelligence at family, school and workplace

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