NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment 1 Answers 2023

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NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment 1 Answers 2023
NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment 1 Answers 2023

NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment 1 Answers 2023:

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Q.1. A distributed system is preferred when the task is:

i)Data-intensive; ii)Computing-intensive

  • A. Only (i)
  • B. Only (ii)
  • C. Both (i) and (ii)
  • D. Neither (i) nor (i)
  • True
  • False

Q.3. Which one of the following is/are the advantage(s) of cloud computing?

  • A. Resource pooling
  • B. It requires an always-on internet connection.
  • C. Ubiquitous
  • D. On-demand payment policy
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NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment 1 Answers 2023

Q.4. The distributed system ensures ā€˜robustness of performance.

  • True
  • False

Q.5. What is(are) the characteristic(s) of using cluster computing?

  • A. Parallel programming
  • B. Faster network than a typical LAN
  • C. Low-latency communication protocols
  • D. None of these.

Q.6. Web access to commercial software is one of the Saas (Software as a Service) characteristics in the cloud computing paradigm.

  • True
  • False

Q.7. Example(s) of PaaS (Platform as a Service) tool(s) is(are):

  • A. Microsoft Powerpoint
  • B. Microsoft Azure
  • C. Google App Engine
  • D. Google mail service
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Q.8. laas (Infrastructure as a Service) in cloud computing delivers () storage; (i) servers.

  • A. Only (i)
  • B. Only (ii)
  • C. Both (i) and (ii)
  • D. Neither (i) nor (ii)

Q.9. laaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the best option where regulatory compliance makes the offshoring or outsourcing of data storage and processing difficult

  • True
  • False

Q.10. What is/are the main requirement(s) of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP)?

  • A. Increase agility
  • B. Increase cost
  • C. Increase productivity
  • D. Decrease cost
NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment 1 Answers Join GroupšŸ‘‡
NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment 1 Answers 2023

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About NPTEL Cloud Computing Course:

Cloud computing is a scalable services consumption and delivery platform that provides on-demand computing service for shared pool of resources, namely servers, storage, networking, software, database, applications etc., over the Internet. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, which can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort. This course will introduce various aspects of cloud computing, including fundamentals, management issues, security challenges and future research trends. This will help students (both UG and PG levels) and researchers to use and explore the cloud computing platforms.

Course Outcome:
  • Week 1:Ā Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Week 2:Ā Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Week 3:Ā Service Management in Cloud Computing
  • Week 4:Ā Data Management in Cloud Computing
  • Week 5:Ā Resource Management in Cloud
  • Week 6:Ā Cloud Security
  • Week 7:Ā Open Source and Commercial Clouds, Cloud Simulator
  • Week 8:Ā Research trend in Cloud Computing, Fog Computing
  • Week 9:Ā VM Resource Allocation, Management and Monitoring
  • Week 10:Ā Cloud-Fog-Edge enabled Analytics
  • Week 11:Ā Serverless Computing and FaaS Model
  • Week 12:Ā Case Studies and Recent Advancements

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