How to become an Ethical Hacker in 2022

The world has become influenced by technology; more than human interaction, our life is indulged with the technology business that has its good and bad effects. The excellent part is learning everything with just a click of a button.

Hacking has become a common term in this era. Hacking – Stealing other’s information, Nah I don’t want to do it! Let’s change this perception.

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What is Hacking:-

This is a very often heard term but you should know what exactly it is! Hacking is a process of exploiting the computer system or a private network. To put in a short word, it is unauthorized access to the computer.

Types of Hacker:-

Hacker can be anyone; it can be an individual or a group. Altering a security system to achieve a goal will be the purpose of a hacker. All hackers do not get involved in fraud.

There are a few types of Hacker you need to be aware of. Let’s Explore

White hat hacker –The White hat hackers are called good hackers. They use their power for a good act. A computer security expert specialized in hacking methodologies is called Ethical hacker.

Black hat hacker – They are termed as a bad Hacker who breaks the network with malware. Steals passwords, Credit cards, and other personal information.

Grey hat hackers – In simple terms, they play both white and black hat hackers’ roles and sometimes violate laws. They always look for vulnerability with the system and attacks may or may not be for the wrong cause.

Green hat: They are termed as Newbies, who are working to improve their skills. Unaware of the security mechanisms, they may be harmful because they are unaware of the consequences since they play malicious malware and attach techniques.  

Blue hat: They do hacking for personal revenge. Do not care about money or fame. Sometimes these hackers use various techniques for cyber attacks. Blue hat hacker can be ex-employee who steals their information to damage the company’s reputation.

Red hat: These red hat hackers use their cyber-attack techniques to attach black hat hackers. Their intentions are noble, but they use illegal routes.

What does an Ethical hacker do?

These hackers are certified hackers and are always searching for attack information. Their main motto is to help the government, corporate, organizations, etc. CEH’s motto is to help them ensure that security systems, data, and networks are safe without any theft or fraudulent attacks.

These are the 5 phases that ethical hackers follow when they test a network. Ethical hackers generally protect networks that are attacked by the attacker.

What do Ethical hackers do?

Reconnaissance – This one is called the preparatory phase, used for gathering the information. It is the step before exploring system vulnerabilities. Hackers find the password information, sensitive details about an organization, etc. to take preparatory action. 

They do a process called footprinting to collect IP address details, system vulnerabilities, and map work to break into the system. 

Footprinting provides essential information like domain name, TCP and UDP services, system name, and passwords. 

Scanning – It is a quick way to gain access to the network and look for information. There are three methods to scan – Pre attack, port scanning, and gathering the data. The attacker will exploit the system vulnerabilities and monitor the network for specific information collected through Reconnaissance.

Gaining Access: In this phase, the Hacker will gain access to the application, system, and network and use their knowledge to control the system connected to it. 

Maintaining Access: Here, the attacker will keep the access gained and secures it until his work is completed. He will use Rootkit and Trojans to attack this network.

Covering Tracks: When he gains access, track covering is done to escape the security personnel. This step is crucial since it will clear all the traces from the system. 

Why should you learn Ethical Hacking?

People worldwide are closer in this digitalized world, and everything happens with the click in this modernized world. For everything, we have pros and cons. Because of it, online crimes have increased, which destructs a person’s privacy. Security has become very important. The best way to deal with the theft is to learn it and work accordingly.

  • Safeguarding

  • Preventive measures

  • Information protection

  • To ensure that the data is tested regularly from the attacker.

Build a basic foundation

To become a hacker, you can learn the basics of Networking, programming, databases, and operating systems. As a CEH, you should know the holes. Building a strong foundation in this will make you successful.

  1. Networking
  2. Programming
  3. Databases
  4. Operating systems (Linux and Windows)

Hardware tools

  • Hackerwarehouse
  • Hack5
  • Hacker Equipment
  • HackaDay
  • SPY Goodies

CEH Exam:-

The valid certification to be an ethical hacker CEH is the available certificate option. Managed by the EC council, it has many benefits. You can check for the general online options.

Jobs available for an Ethical Hacker

Once you have your certification, it is effortless to get a job in Ethical hacking. Many corporates hire the CEH specialist to help to maintain security or to protect from attackers.

  1. Information Security Analyst
  2. Cyber Security Analyst
  3. Security Engineer
  4. Penetration Tester
  5. Security Analyst
  6. Information Security Manager
  7. Cyber Security Engineer

 Salary of an Ethical Hacker

Security Analyst 3.7 lakhs


Information Security Analyst 4.3 lakhs


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) 3.5 lakhs


Security Consultant (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)

5.5 lakhs


The biggest threat comes from cyber attackers. It was not taken very seriously a few years back, according to a survey conducted by cyber firms India has lost more than $4 billion (2013)because of cyberattacks. 

Along with more and more E-commerce industries emerging, there is a necessity for effective security systems. With new worms, and malware emerging every day, creating more awareness has become a necessary factor.

The complex security systems, ethical hackers come as a rescuer. Ethical hacking is the best possible way.

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