HackerRank Solutions in Java

Hello Programmers, in this post you will find All HackerRank Java Programming Solutions in Single Post. After going through the solutions, you will clearly understand the concepts and solutions very easily. 

One more thing to add, don’t straight away look for the solutions, first try to solve the problems by yourself. If you find any difficulty after trying so many times, then look for the solutions.

HackerRank Solutions in Java
HackerRank Solutions in Java

HackerRank Java Programming

In this lesson, we are going to cover all the Hackerrank Solutions in Java. Here is the list.


  1. Welcome to Java!
  2. Java Stdin and Stdout I
  3. Java If Else
  4. Java Stdin and Stdout II
  5. Java Output Formatting
  6. Java loops I
  7. Java loops II
  8. Java Static Initializer Block
  9. Java Date and Time
  10. Java Currency Formatting


  1. Java String Introduction
  2. Java Substring
  3. Java Substring Comparison
  4. Java String Reverse
  5. Java Anagrams
  6. Java String Tokens
  7. Java Regex
  8. Java Regex 2
  9. Valid username Regular Expression

Big Number

  1. Java BigDecimal
  2. Java primarily Test
  3. Java BigInteger

Data Structure

  1. Java 1D Array
  2. Java 2D Array
  3. Java Subarray
  4. Java Arraylist
  5. Java 1D Array(part 2)
  6. Java List
  7. Java Map
  8. Java Stack
  9. Java Hashset
  10. Java Generics
  11. Java Comparator
  12. Java Sort
  13. Java Dequeue
  14. Java BitSet
  15. Java Priority Queue

Object-Oriented Programming

  1. Java Interface
  2. Java Method Overriding
  3. Java Method Overriding2
  4. Java Instance of keyword
  5. Java Iterator

Exception Handling

  1. Java Exception Handling (Try-catch)
  2. Java Exception Handling


  1. Java Varargs Simple Addition
  2. Java Reflection Attribute
  3. Can you Access?
  4. Prime Checker
  5. Java Factory Pattern
  6. Java Singleton Pattern
  7. Java Visitor Patterns
  8. Java Annotations
  9. Covariant Return Types
  10. Java Lambda Expression
  11. Java MD5
  12. Java SHA-256

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