HackerRank Ruby Hash Each Solution

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HackerRank Ruby Hash Each Solution
Ruby Tutorial Hello HackerRank Solution

HackerRank Ruby Hash Each Solution

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Problem Statement

You’ve seen the control structure each used on an array. Similarly, it is available for the Hash collection, as well.

On Hash, it works in two ways.

Consider the example

user = {“viv” : 10, “simmy” : 20, “sp2hari” : 30}

Using each, each element can be iterated as

user.each do |key, value|
# some code on individual key, value


user.each do |arr|
# here arr[0] is the key and arr[1] is the value

Your task is to use each and iterate through the collection and print the keyvalue pair in separate lines.


puts key
puts value

HackerRank Ruby Hash Each Solution

def iter_hash(hash)
    hash.each do |k, v|
        puts k
        puts v

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