HackerRank Ruby Currying Solution

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HackerRank Ruby Currying Solution
Ruby Tutorial Hello HackerRank Solution

HackerRank Ruby Currying Solution

Let’s get started with Ruby Currying Solution

Problem Statement

Currying is a technique in which a function accepts n parameters and turns it into a sequence of n functions, each of them take 1 parameter.


multiply_numbers = -> (x,y) do

doubler = multiply_numbers.curry.(2)
tripler = multiply_numbers.curry.(3)

puts doubler.(4) #8
puts tripler.(4) #12

In the above example, lambda take two parameters xy and return the product of the two.
multiply_numbers.curry.(2) returns a lambda which takes only one parameter necessary for calculation.


You are given a partially complete code. Your task is to fill in the blanks (_).

Write a curry, which pre-fills power_function with variable base.

HackerRank Ruby Currying Solution

power_function = -> (x, z) {
    (x) ** z
base = gets.to_i
raise_to_power = power_function.curry.(base)
power = gets.to_i
puts raise_to_power.(power)

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