HackerRank C Programming Solutions 

Hello coders, Here are the solutions to the competitive programming language.  All HackerRank C Programming Solutions in Single Post, Directly copy-paste these codes into the HackerRank terminal and you are good to go.

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HackerRank C Programming Solutions
Hackerrank Solutions C

HackerRank C Programming Solutions

In this lesson, we are going to cover all the HackeRank Solutions in C. Here is the list.


  1. “Hello World!” in C
  2. Playing With Characters
  3. Sum and Difference of Two Numbers
  4. Functions in C
  5. Pointers in C

Conditionals and Loops

  1. Conditional Statements in C
  2. For Loop in C
  3. Sum of Digits of a Five-Digit Number
  4. Bitwise Operators
  5. Printing Pattern Using Loops

Arrays and Strings

  1. 1D Arrays in C
  2. Array Reversal
  3. Printing Tokens
  4. Digit Frequency
  5. Dynamic Array in C


  1. Calculate the Nth term
  2. Students Marks Sum
  3. Sorting Array of Strings
  4. Permutations of Strings
  5. Variadic functions in C
  6. Querying the Document

Structs and Enums

  1. Boxes through a Tunnel
  2. Small Triangles, Large Triangles
  3. Post Transition
  4. Structuring the Document

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