HackerRank Algorithms Solutions

All HackerRank Algorithms Solutions Here in Single Post, Directly copy-paste these codes into the HackerRank terminal and you are good to go.

One more thing to add, don’t straight away look for the solutions, first try to solve the problems by yourself. If you find any difficulty after trying several times, then look for the solutions. We are going to solve the HackerRank Algorithms problems using C, CPP, JAVA, PYTHON, JavaScript, Pascal & SCALA Programming Languages.

You can practice and submit all HackerRank problem solutions in one place. Find a solution for other domains and Sub-domain. I.e. Hacker Rank solution for HackerRank C ProgrammingHackerRank C++ ProgrammingHackerRank Java Programming, HackerRank Python ProgrammingHackerRank Linux ShellHackerRank SQL Programming, and HackerRank 10 days of Javascript.

HackerRank Algorithms Solutions
HackerRank Algorithms Solutions

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HackerRank Algorithms Solutions

In this lesson, we are going to cover all the HackerRank Algorithms Solutions. Here is the list.


  1. HackerRank Solve Me First problem solution
  2. HackerRank Simple Array Sum solution
  3. HackerRank Compare The Triplets solution
  4. HackerRank A Very Big Sum solution
  5. HackerRank Diagonal Difference Solution
  6. HackerRank Plus Minus Solution
  7. HackerRank Staircase Solution
  8. HackerRank Mini Max Sum Solution
  9. HackerRank Birthday Cake Candles Solution
  10. HackerRank Time Conversion Solution


  1. HackerRank Grading Students Solution
  2. HackerRank Apple and Orange Solution
  3. HackerRank Number Line Jumps solution
  4. HackerRank Between Two Sets Solution
  5. HackerRank Breaking The Records Solution
  6. HackerRank Subarray Division Solution
  7. HackerRank Divisible Sum Pairs Solution
  8. HackerRank Migratory Birds Solution
  9. HackerRank Day of the Programmer Solution
  10. HackerRank Bill Division Solution
  11. HackerRank Sales by Match Solution
  12. HackerRank Drawing Book Solution
  13. HackerRank Counting Valleys Solution
  14. HackerRank Electronics Shop Solution
  15. HackerRank Cats and a Mouse Solution
  16. HackerRank Forming a Magic Square Solution
  17. HackerRank Picking Numbers Solution
  18. HackerRank Climbing the Leaderboard Solution
  19. HackerRank The Hurdle Race Solution
  20. HackerRank Designer PDF Viewer Solution
  21. HackerRank Utopian Tree Solution
  22. HackerRank Angry Professor Solution
  23. HackerRank Beautiful Days at the Movies Solution
  24. HackerRank Viral Advertising Solution
  25. HackerRank Save the Prisoner Solution
  26. HackerRank Circular Array Rotation Solution
  27. HackerRank Sequence Equation Solution
  28. HackerRank Jumping on the Clouds Solution
  29. HackerRank Find Digits Solution
  30. HackerRank Extra Long Factorials Solution
  31. HackerRank Append and Delete Solution
  32. HackerRank Sherlock and Squares Solution
  33. HackerRank Library Fine Solution
  34. HackerRank Cut the sticks Solution
  35. HackerRank Non Divisible Subset Solution
  36. HackerRank Repeated String Solution
  37. HackerRank Jumping on the Clouds Solution
  38. HackerRank Equalize the Array Solution
  39. HackerRank Queen’s Attack II Solution
  40. HackerRank ACM ICPC Team Solution
  41. HackerRank Taum and Bday Solution
  42. HackerRank Organizing Containers of Balls Solution
  43. HackerRank Encryption Solution
  44. HackerRank Bigger is Greater Solution
  45. HackerRank Modified Kaprekar Numbers Solution
  46. HackerRank Beautiful Triplets Solution
  47. HackerRank Minimum Distances Solution
  48. HackerRank Halloween Sale Solution
  49. HackerRank The Time in Words Solution
  50. HackerRank Chocolate Feast Solution
  51. HackerRank Service Lane Solution
  52. HackerRank Lisa Workbook Solution
  53. HackerRank Flatland Space Stations Solution
  54. HackerRank Fair Rations Solution
  55. HackerRank Cavity Map Solution
  56. HackerRank Manasa and Stones Solution
  57. HackerRank The Grid Search Solution
  58. HackerRank Happy Ladybugs Solution
  59. HackerRank Strange Counter Solution
  60. HackerRank 3D Surface Area Solution
  61. HackerRank Absolute Permutation Solution
  62. HackerRank The Bomberman Game Solution
  63. HackerRank Emas Supercomputer Solution
  64. HackerRank Larrys Array Solution
  65. HackerRank Almost Sorted Solution
  66. HackerRank Matrix Layer Rotation Solution


  1. HackerRank Super Reduced String Solution
  2. HackerRank CamelCase Solution
  3. HackerRank Strong Password Solution
  4. HackerRank Two Characters Solution
  5. HackerRank Caesar Cipher Solution
  6. HackerRank Mars Exploration Solution
  7. HackerRank in a String Solution
  8. HackerRank Pangrams Solution
  9. HackerRank Weighted Uniform Strings Solution
  10. HackerRank Separate the Numbers Solution
  11. HackerRank Funny String Solution
  12. HackerRank Gemstones Solution
  13. HackerRank Alternating Characters Solution
  14. HackerRank Beautiful Binary String Solution
  15. HackerRank The Love Letter Mystery Solution
  16. HackerRank Determining DNA Health Solution
  17. HackerRank Palindrome Index Solution
  18. HackerRank Anagram Solution
  19. HackerRank Making Anagrams Solution
  20. HackerRank Game of Thrones I Solution
  21. HackerRank Two Strings Solution
  22. HackerRank String Construction Solution
  23. HackerRank Sherlock and the Valid String Solution
  24. Highest Value Palindrome
  25. HackerRank Maximum Palindromes Solution
  26. HackerRank Sherlock and Anagrams Solution
  27. HackerRank Common Child Solution
  28. Bear and Steady Gene
  29. HackerRank Morgan and a String Solution
  30. Count Strings
  31. HackerRank String Function Calculation Solution
  32. HackerRank Build a Palindrome Solution
  33. HackerRank Build a String Solution
  34. HackerRank Gridland Provinces Solution
  35. HackerRank Cards Permutation Solution
  36. HackerRank Ashton and String Solution
  37. String Similarity
  38. Super Functional Strings
  39. Circular Palindromes
  40. Similar Strings
  41. Save Humanity
  42. Find Strings
  43. Palindromic Border
  44. Two Two
  45. Two Strings Game
  46. Letter Islands
  47. Pseudo-Isomorphic Substrings
  48. How Many Substrings?

Disclaimer: This problem (HackerRank Algorithms) is generated by HackerRank but the solution is provided by Chase2learn. This tutorial is only for Educational and Learning purposes.


1. How do you solve the first question in HackerRank?

If you want to solve the first question of Hackerrank then you have to decide which programing language you want to practice i.e C programming, Cpp Programing, or Java programming then you have to start with the first program HELLO WORLD.

2. How do I find my HackerRank ID?

You will receive an email from HackerRank to confirm your access to the ID. Once you have confirmed your email, the entry will show up as verified on the settings page. You will also have an option to “Make primary”. Click on that option. Read more

3. Does HackerRank detect cheating?

yes, HackerRank uses a powerful tool to detect plagiarism in the candidates’ submitted code. The Test report of a candidate highlights any plagiarized portions in the submitted code and helps evaluators to verify the integrity of answers provided in the Test.

4. Does HackerRank use camera?

No for coding practice Hackerrank does not use camera but for companies’ interviews code submission time Hackerrank uses the camera.

5. Should I put HackerRank certificate on resume?

These certificates are useless, and you should not put them on your resume. The experience you gained from getting them is not useless. Use it to build a portfolio, and link to it on your resume. 

6. Can I retake HackerRank test?

The company which sent you the HackerRank Test invite owns your Test submissions and results. It’s their discretion to permit a reattempt for a particular Test. If you wish to retake the test, we recommend that you contact the concerned recruiter who invited you to the Test and request a re-invite. 

7. What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is a tech company that focuses on competitive programming challenges for both consumers and businesses. Developers compete by writing programs according to provided specifications. Wikipedia

8. What is an Algorithm?

In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a finite sequence of rigorous instructions, typically used to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a computation. Algorithms are used as specifications for performing calculations and data processing. Wikipedia

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