Day 2: Conditional Statements: Switch | 10 Days of JavaScript – Hacker Rank Solution

Day 2: Conditional Statements: Switch | 10 Days of JavaScript – Hacker Rank Solution: Hey Guy’s In this post we are solving Day 2: Conditional Statements: Switch which is a part of 10 Days of JavaScript Series.

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Day 2: Conditional Statements: Switch | 10 Days of JavaScript – Hacker Rank Solution

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In this challenge, we learn about switch statements.


Complete the getLetter(s) function in the editor. It has one parameter: a string, s, consisting of lowercase English alphabetic letters (i.e., a through z). It must return ABC, or D depending on the following criteria:

  • If the first character in string s is in the set {aeiou}, then return A.
  • If the first character in string s is in the set {bcdfg}, then return B.
  • If the first character in string s is in the set {hjklm}, then return C.
  • If the first character in string s is in the set {npqrstvwxyz}, then return D.

Hint: You can get the letter at some index i in s using the syntax s[i] or s.charAt(i).

Function Description

Complete the getLetter function in the editor below.
getLetter has the following parameters:

  • string s: a string


  • string: a single letter determined as described above

Input Format

Stub code in the editor reads a single string denoting s from stdin.


  • 1 <= |s| <= 100, where |s| is the length of s.
  • String s contains lowercase English alphabetic letters (i.e., a through z) only.

Sample Input 0

Sample Output 0

Explanation 0

The first character of string s = adfgt is a. Because the given criteria stipulate that we print A any time the first character is in {aeiou}, we return A as our answer.

Day 2: Conditional Statements: Switch | 10 Days of JavaScript – Hacker Rank Solution

'use strict';
let inputString = '';
let currentLine = 0;
process.stdin.on('data', inputStdin => {
    inputString += inputStdin;
process.stdin.on('end', _ => {
    inputString = inputString.trim().split('\n').map(string => {
        return string.trim();
function readLine() {
    return inputString[currentLine++];
function getLetter(s) {
    let letter;
    // Write your code here
     switch (s[0]) {
        case ('a' || 'e' || 'o' || 'i' || 'u'):
            letter = 'A';
        case ('b' || 'c' || 'd' || 'f' || 'g'):
            letter = 'B';
        case ('h' || 'j' || 'k' || 'l' || 'm'):
            letter = 'C';
        case ('z' || 'n' || 'p' || 'q' || 'r' || 's' || 't' || 'v' || 'w' || 'x' || 'y'):
            letter = 'D';
    return letter;
function main() {
    const s = readLine();

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Answer: Many free and paid courses and tutorials are available to learn JavaScript. For in-depth knowledge, you can also purchase a few good books like A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript and Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript. However, to start working on projects, you need only a little theory and more hands-on, so we recommend you to take up tutorials and short courses that will get you onboard quickly.

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Answer: They might not have a specific practice tutorial for it. But you can solve any of their general problems using Javascript.

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