Create SCHEDULE table program in SQL


Create SCHEDULE table

Refer the below schema and create the SCHEDULE.

Column Name Datatype Size Constraint Constraint name Reference table – Column name
Schedule_id Varchar2 3 Primary key PK_SCHEDULE  
Travel_date Date        
Source Varchar2 20      
Destination Varchar2 20      
Bus_no Number 11 Foreign key, FK_SCHEDULE_BUSES Buses – bus_no
Duration Number 11      
Create SCHEDULE table program in SQL
create table SCHEDULE(
	Schedule_id varchar2(3),
	Travel_date date,
  	Source varchar2(20),
  	Destination varchar2(20),
  	Bus_no number(11),
  	Duration number(11),
  	constraint PK_SCHEDULE primary key(Schedule_id)
	constraint FK_SCHEDULE_BUSES foreign key(Bus_no) references Buses(Bus_no)

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