College Admission Program in Java

M.K.C.E College is opening their admission for 2021 12th passed outs. The chairman of the college decides to go for online applications considering the pandemic situation. Help him to write Java code to get the basic details of the students.

Note :

In the Sample Input / Output provided, the highlighted text in bold corresponds to the input given by the user, and the rest of the text represents the output.

Ensure to follow the object-oriented specifications provided in the question description.

Ensure to provide the names for classes, attributes, and methods as specified in the question description.

Adhere to the code template, if provided.

Please do not use System.exit(0) to terminate the program

Sample Input/Output 1: 

Applicant name

Sarvesh VK

Marks obtained in HSC


Total possible marks in HSC


Engineering cutoff mark


Marks obtained in SSLC


Total possible marks in SSLC




Your Application has been Submitted Successfully

The name of the applicant: Sarvesh VK

Engineering Cutoff: 152.5

Applicant gender: M

All the best for your Career

College Admission Program in Java

import java.util.Scanner;
public class Main 
 String name;
 char gender;
 int mark_HSC, mark_SSLC, Tmark_HSC, Trmark_SSLC;
 float mark_Engineering;
public static void main(String[] args)
 Scanner sc=new Scanner(;
 System.out.println("Applicant name");
 String name=sc.nextLine();
 System.out.println("Marks obtained in HSC");
 int mark_HSC=sc.nextInt();
 System.out.println("Total possible marks in HSC");
 int Tmark_HSC=sc.nextInt();
 System.out.println("Engineering cutoff mark");
 float mark_Engineering=sc.nextFloat();
 System.out.println("Marks obtained in SSLC");
 int mark_SSLC=sc.nextInt();
 System.out.println("Total possible marks in SSLC");
 int Trmark_SSLC=sc.nextInt();
 System.out.println("Your Application has been Submitted Successfully");
 System.out.println("The name of the applicant: "+name);
 System.out.println("Engineering Cutoff: "+mark_Engineering);
 System.out.println("Applicant gender: "+gender);
 System.out.println("All the best for your Career");

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