CodeChef Problems Solutions

 Codechef Programs Solutions. All Codechef problems Solutions in Single Post, Directly copy-paste these codes into the CodeChef terminal and you are good to go.

CodeChef ProblemsCodeChef Solutions
Maximum SubmissionsComing soon
AI Analysing Code Coming soon
Sale Season Coming soon
Air Conditioner Temperature Coming soon
Make A and B equal Coming soon
WA Test Cases Coming soon
Two Trains Coming soon
Hello Equation Coming soon
Minimum Sum Coming soon
XOR with smallest element Coming soon
Gritty Grid Coming soon
K-Flip Coming soon
Angled Flip Coming soon
Nil Xor Coming soon
Flipping Failure Coming soon
Crazy Subsequences Solution
Tree of Trees Solution
Add Two NumbersComing soon
Age LimitComing soon
Biryani classesComing soon
FitnessComing soon
BurgersComing soon
How many unattempted problemsComing soon
Determine the ScoreComing soon
Who is taller!Coming soon
Best of TwoComing soon
My very 1st contest!Coming soon
Roller CoasterComing soon
Chef and Brain SpeedComing soon
Chef On DateComing soon
Total Prize MoneyComing soon
Counting WordsComing soon
Second Max of Three NumbersComing soon
Chairs RequirementComing soon
Get SubscriptionComing soon
Enough SpaceComing soon
Waiting TimeComing soon
Equal DistributionComing soon
BiddingComing soon
Chess TimeComing soon
Passes for FairComing soon
MATH1 EnrolmentComing soon
Chef and ChaptersComing soon
Water RequirementComing soon
LunchtimeComing soon
Apples and OrangesComing soon
Final PopulationComing soon
Chef gives PartyComing soon
Air HockeyComing soon
Interior DesignComing soon
Email RemindersComing soon
Six FriendsComing soon
Minimum CoinsComing soon
True and False PaperComing soon
The Cheaper CabComing soon
Rating ImprovementComing soon
DiscountComing soon
Chef and ChocolatesComing soon
Volume ControlComing soon
Is it hot or coldComing soon
ATMComing soon
Football CupComing soon
Fill the BucketComing soon
Find RemainderComing soon
Pass the ExamComing soon
Ezio and GuardsComing soon
Chef and MasksComing soon
Maximum SubmissionsComing soon
Expiring BreadComing soon
AI Analysing CodeComing soon
TV DiscountComing soon
Tyre problemComing soon
Sum of DigitsComing soon
Chef and Instant NoodlesComing soon
Monthly BudgetComing soon
Credit scoreComing soon
First and Last DigitComing soon
Enormous Input TestComing soon
Practice makes us perfectComing soon
Course RegistrationComing soon
InsuranceComing soon
Increase IQComing soon
Battery LowComing soon
The Mango TruckComing soon
Bucket and Water FlowComing soon
Miami GPComing soon
Dominant ArmyComing soon
PlaylistComing soon
Chef and ChocolatesComing soon
Chef and GymComing soon
Best CouponComing soon
SubscriptionsComing soon
The Cooler Dilemma 1Coming soon
Janmansh and AssignmentsComing soon
Shopping ChangeComing soon
Janmansh and CoinsComing soon
Chef in his OfficeComing soon
MahasenaComing soon
CRED CoinsComing soon
Sale SeasonComing soon
Chef and NextGenComing soon
Sugarcane Juice BusinessComing soon
Count the NotebooksComing soon
Chef and CandiesComing soon
Is the Score ConsistentComing soon
The Three TopicsComing soon
Problems in your to-do listComing soon
High AccuracyComing soon
Air Conditioner TemperatureComing soon
Reverse The NumberComing soon
Chef Drinks TeaComing soon
Chef and Bird farmComing soon
Sasta Shark TankComing soon
Good ProgramComing soon
Qualify the roundComing soon
Minimum Cars requiredComing soon
Jenga NightComing soon
Number MirrorComing soon
Discus ThrowComing soon
Determine the WinnerComing soon
Maximise the TastinessComing soon
Watching Movies at 2xComing soon
GCD and LCMComing soon
Police and ThiefComing soon
Bath in WintersComing soon
Finding ShoesComing soon
Small factorialsComing soon
Mario and TransformationComing soon
Mario and BulletComing soon
Chess RatingsComing soon
Complementary Strand in a DNAComing soon
Change Row and Column BothComing soon
Chef and Water BottlesComing soon
Turbo SortComing soon
Finding Square RootsComing soon
Score HighComing soon
The Last LevelsComing soon
BlackjackComing soon
Fill CandiesComing soon
Chessboard DistanceComing soon
Valentine is ComingComing soon
It is My ServeComing soon
Chef and his AppsComing soon
Minimum number of coinsComing soon
Cup FinalsComing soon
Self Defence TrainingComing soon
Too many FloorsComing soon
Important Pages on CodeChefComing soon
Decrement OR IncrementComing soon
A or BComing soon
Pass or FailComing soon
Second LargestComing soon
Cyclic QuadrilateralComing soon
Too many itemsComing soon
Count the ACsComing soon
Chef and RacesComing soon
Black cells in a chessboardComing soon
Sum OR DifferenceComing soon
Valid TrianglesComing soon
Presents for CheffinaComing soon
Small FactorialComing soon
Possible VictoryComing soon
Janmansh and GamesComing soon
Buy LampsComing soon
Lucky FourComing soon
Helping ChefComing soon
Mutated MinionsComing soon
Life, the Universe, and EverythingComing soon
Get Lowest FreeComing soon
Minimum number of FlipsComing soon
Economics ClassComing soon
RCB and PlayoffsComing soon
The Lead GameComing soon
Degree of PolynomialComing soon
Recent contest problemsComing soon
Primality TestComing soon
The Cooler Dilemma 2Coming soon
DNA StorageComing soon
Lazy ChefComing soon
Hardest Problem BetComing soon
WordleComing soon
Complete the creditsComing soon
Cars and BikesComing soon
Guess the bottom faceComing soon
Nearest CourtComing soon
Chef and His Fruit StandComing soon
The PreparationsComing soon
Gross SalaryComing soon
GenesComing soon
Snape and LadderComing soon
The Block GameComing soon
Mileage mattersComing soon
Maximum ProductionComing soon
Good WeatherComing soon
Grade The SteelComing soon
Circular TrackComing soon
Smallest Numbers of NotesComing soon
Is it a VOWEL or CONSONANTComing soon
Which MixtureComing soon
Chess FormatComing soon
Body Mass IndexComing soon
Good Quality BulbsComing soon
Id and ShipComing soon
Valid PairComing soon
Make A and B equalComing soon
Summer HeatComing soon
Equal IntegersComing soon
Ambiguous PermutationsComing soon
ColdplayComing soon
Chef and Vacation TransportationComing soon
Vaccine DatesComing soon
Compress the VideoComing soon
Bytelandian gold coinsComing soon
Janmansh at Fruit MarketComing soon
Rearranging digits to get a multiple of 5Coming soon
Chef and Interactive ContestsComing soon
The Old Saint And Three QuestionsComing soon
MarathonComing soon
La LigaComing soon
Two RooksComing soon
Can You Eat ItComing soon
Chef and Cook-OffComing soon
Puppy and SumComing soon
The Begining Era Of CyberverseComing soon
Judging DelayComing soon
Chef and SpellsComing soon
Cricket RankingComing soon
Fill The GridComing soon
Joining DateComing soon
WA Test CasesComing soon
N Buttons 1 BulbComing soon
Divisible by 3Coming soon
Play PianoComing soon
Bomb the baseComing soon
Chef and Lockout DrawsComing soon
Chef Judges a CompetitionComing soon
Red Light, Green LightComing soon
Fit Squares in TriangleComing soon
Playing with MatchesComing soon
Malvika is peculiar about color of balloonsComing soon
Naive ChefComing soon
Vishesh and his Popcorn ComboComing soon
Can_ReachComing soon
Game between friendsComing soon
Transform the ExpressionComing soon
Keplers LawComing soon
Dark LightComing soon
Kitchen TimetableComing soon
Chess MatchComing soon
Lucky FourComing soon
Easy PronunciationComing soon
Programming LanguagesComing soon
ATM MachineComing soon
Slow SolutionComing soon
Zero Ones Equal One ZerosComing soon
How much ScholarshipComing soon
Chef and DollsComing soon
Adjacent Sum ParityComing soon
Snake ProcessionComing soon
Packaging CupcakesComing soon
Chef DietComing soon
Break the StickComing soon
Encoding MessageComing soon
Program Your Own CALCULATORComing soon
Bear and Candies 123Coming soon
Elections in CheflandComing soon
Buying   TabletComing soon
Even-tual ReductionComing soon
Chef and SubarraysComing soon
Airline RestrictionsComing soon
Weight BalanceComing soon
Cutting RecipesComing soon
Chef and his StudentsComing soon
End SortedComing soon
Chef and Game with SequenceComing soon
Minimum Attendance RequirementComing soon
Candy LoveComing soon
Equal Card GameComing soon
Change ItComing soon
Devu and friendship testingComing soon
Food ChainComing soon
Lost WeekendsComing soon
Mask PolicyComing soon
Hungry AshishComing soon
String protocolComing soon
Tanu and Head-bobComing soon
From heaven to earthComing soon
Pseudo Sorted ArrayComing soon
Chef and Stock PricesComing soon
Prime GeneratorComing soon
Binary String CostComing soon
Three FriendsComing soon
Coins And TriangleComing soon
The Attack of QueenComing soon
Digit Sum ParitiesComing soon
Covid and Theatre TicketsComing soon
Peak FindingComing soon
Cut the BoardComing soon
Three Way CommunicationsComing soon
Chef and Table TennisComing soon
Danny Wants To KnowComing soon
Magician versus ChefComing soon
Equal StringsComing soon
Group AssignmentComing soon
Holes in the textComing soon
Uncle JohnyComing soon
That Is My Score!Coming soon
Chef and StringsComing soon
The Great RunComing soon
Friends MeetupComing soon
Path ParityComing soon
MotivationComing soon
Ada and crayonsComing soon
Chef and ServesComing soon
FootballComing soon
Chef and GloveComing soon
Weird Modulo ProblemComing soon
Laptop RecommendationComing soon
The One Where It All BeganComing soon
Chef vs DoofComing soon
Playing with StringsComing soon
Dividing StampsComing soon
N Queens Puzzle Solved !Coming soon
Chef and StepsComing soon
Sort the StringComing soon
Lucky BoundariesComing soon
Discrepancies in the Voters ListComing soon
Alternating StringComing soon
FlatLandComing soon
Travel PassComing soon
Akash and FunctionComing soon
Game of PooksComing soon
Chef and ProportionComing soon
Chef and SocksComing soon
Studying AlphabetComing soon
Chef and StringComing soon
Testing RobotComing soon
Chef and Card GameComing soon
Processing a stringComing soon
Devu and an ArrayComing soon
Chef and FruitsComing soon
Sign MovesComing soon
Mathison and pangramsComing soon
Non Adjacent FlipsComing soon
Xor PalindromeComing soon
Chef and Difficult ContestsComing soon
Valid MinimumComing soon
Fit in Data TypeComing soon
Buying SweetsComing soon
Easy MathComing soon
Double StringsComing soon
Multiple Choice ExamComing soon
Chef and EidComing soon
Coin FlipComing soon
Game of Piles Version 1Coming soon
Ciel and A-B ProblemComing soon
MedelComing soon
Two DishesComing soon
Little Elephant and CandiesComing soon
Average of ThreeComing soon

Codechef solutions

1. How do you get solutions in CodeChef?
Answer: To submit a solution choose problem from list of problems and press button ‘Submit’ near the top right corner of the problem page. You can submit multiple solutions to each problem. Score for the problem is equal to the score of the best submitted solution. Reference
2. Where can I find codeforces solution?
Answer: The solution is to go to the problem set-> find that problem -> click on “Solved Column” and you get the page with options to filter the solutions. Refrence
3. What is use of CodeChef?
Answer: CodeChef was created as a platform to help programmers make it big in the world of algorithms, computer programming, and programming contests. It hosts three featured contests every month (Long Challenge, CookOff, LunchTime & Starters) and gives away prizes and goodies to the winners as encouragement. Refrence
4. What is Codechef? 
Answer: Code-Chef is an online educational program and competitive programming community of global programmers.

Disclaimer: The above Problems are generated by CodeChef but the solution is provided by Chase2learn.This tutorial is only for Educational and Learning purpose.

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