Call Details Program in java

In this post, we will learn Call Details Program in java Programming language.


For the postpaid customers, the airvoice mobile shop maintains the calls made by the customer in the file in the given format below:

Example: 123:9874561230:2.5

The shop wants to extract the information from the file and populate them in to the Call object. Develop a java application to do the above task.

Consider the class given below:

In the Call class include the given attributes and methods with the access specifiers as specified in the class diagram.

The getter methods are used to retrieve the value.

The parseData method takes the string as argument, the string value will be (123:9874561230:2.5). This method should extract the callid, called number and number of minutes from the string and set the callId, calledNumber and noOfMinutes.

In the Main class, create an object for the Call class; Get the details as shown in the sample input and invoke the parseData method.  Display the details as shown in the sample output using the getters method.

Note: The attribute/method/class name should be specified correctly as given in the class diagram.

Sample Input:

Enter the call details:


 Sample output:

  Call id:102

  Called number:6547891230



public class Call{
    private int callId;
    private long calledNumber;
    private float duration;
    public void Call()
    public void parseData(String data)
    public int getCallId()
        return this.callId;
    public long getCalledNumber()
        return this.calledNumber;
    public float getDuration()
        return this.duration;
import java.util.*;
public class Main{
    public static void main (String[] args) {
        Scanner sc=new Scanner(;
        Call obj=new Call();
        System.out.println("Enter the call details:");
        String data=sc.nextLine();
        System.out.println("Call id:"+obj.getCallId());
        System.out.println("Called number:"+obj.getCalledNumber());
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