Basic Data Types in C++ – Hacker Rank Solution

Basic Data Types in C++ - Hacker Rank Solution
Basic Data Types in C++ – Hacker Rank Solution


Some C++ data types, their format specifiers, and their most common bit widths are as follows:

  • Int (“%d”): 32 Bit integer
  • Long (“%ld”): 64 bit integer
  • Char (“%c”): Character type
  • Float (“%f”): 32 bit real value
  • Double (“%lf”): 64 bit real value


To read a data type, use the following syntax:

scanf("`format_specifier`", &val);

For example, to read a character followed by a double:

char ch;
double d;
scanf("%c %lf", &ch, &d);

For the moment, we can ignore the spacing between format specifiers.


To print a data type, use the following syntax:

printf("`format_specifier`", val);

For example, to print a character followed by a double:

char ch = 'd';
double d = 234.432;
printf("%c %lf", ch, d);

Note: You can also use cin and cout instead of scanf and printf; however, if you are taking a million numbers as input and printing a million lines, it is faster to use scanf and printf.

Input Format

Input consists of the following space-separated values: int, long, char, float, and double, respectively.

Output Format

Print each element on a new line in the same order it was received as input. Note that the floating point value should be correct up to 3 decimal places and the double to 9 decimal places.

Sample Input :

3 12345678912345 a 334.23 14049.30493

Sample Output :


Explanation :

Print int 3.
followed by long 12345678912345.
followed by char a.
followed by float 334.230.
followed by double 14049.304930000.

Basic Data Types in C++ – Hacker Rank Solution

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdio>
using namespace std;
int main()
    // Complete the code.
 int a;
 long long int b;
 char c;
 float d;
 double e;
 scanf("%d %lld %c %f %lf",&a,&b,&c,&d,&e);
return 0;

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