What is Social impact on real-life due to ML and AI

                   We are living in the 21st century. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has created an impact on almost all the sector. Today various technologies and products are based on AI and ML that impact both our day to day life and professional life.

What Is The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) On Society

 Furthermore, AI and ML have transformed the world with their continuous progress and are most likely to evolve in the future days as well. Having said that, the progress of these technologies has both positive and negative impacts on society.

Positive Impact

Nowadays large amounts of data are being produced which is later processed into meaningful information. Then, this information is used for working on various innovative ideas and projects creating tremendous changes in the society impacting their day to day life. As per the current scenario of the world, AI and ML have improved the efficiency of the workplaces. AI and ML have made the job easier for people leading to increase happiness and ultimate satisfaction towards their job.

 Also, these technologies have further created new job opportunities in the field of Cybersecurity, for developers, Quality Analysis, Digital Marketing, etc. Adding to that, if we talk about the ongoing pandemic, AI, and ML is contributing to understanding how Covid-19 spreads, speeding up research and treatment of the disease, contact tracing, collecting and analyzing huge data about the Covid-19 cases around the world, tracking and prediction of possible increase or decrease of the disease, etc.

In the context of Nepal, there is a restaurant called Naulo which uses robots to serve food at the restaurant. Since robots are used to serve food, there is a minimal probability that the robot fails to remember the order placed from various tables. Hence, the food is delivered to the right tables with minimal effort. Now, the food is placed on the right tables not only leads towards customer satisfaction but also brings ultimate job satisfaction to the chefs as the chefs present in the restaurant can now completely dedicate themselves to preparing food. Hence, optimum customer and employee satisfaction create a positive impact on any business.

In this digital age, people send various business and other various emails to get in touch with each other. Currently, AI and ML are used even while mailing to individuals. In Gmail, AI is used as a spam filter which is effective for categorizing various spam emails. With the implementation of various machine learning algorithm, Gmail is able to successfully filter 99.9% of spam emails. Also, smart email categorization can also be seen in Gmail where the email is categorized into primary, social, promotion inboxes with the labeling of emails that are important. Furthermore, AI and ML are being used for carrying out various challenging tasks that can be risky and life-threatening for human beings.

Negative Impact

            With the positive impact of AI and ML being discussed, there are various negative impacts of AI and ML in society. With the evolvement of AI and ML, there are various negative possible circumstances that can arise in society. So, various case scenarios should be analyzed while working with AI and ML technology for mitigating the risk factor that AI and ML possess.   

            There are various restaurants that use Robots to serve the food. Many restaurants have been benefitted from this service. However, servers who serve the food in the restaurants are most likely to suffer from this newly developed technology. If all the restaurants start using Robots to serve their foods than servers who serve the food to the customers, then the human employees are most likely to end up losing their jobs. Hence, this can increase the unstructured unemployment rate in society leading to an increase crime rate and other various social problems. So, with the enhancement of technology, the problem of unemployment is something to be considered. Furthermore, any business lacking to have a major goal, but giving most priority to their technological aspects such as AI and ML, is most likely to fail in the long run.

          For example, suppose if a restaurant only focuses on the robot and other technological aspects rather than focusing on their menu and food ingredients, they might fail to satisfy its consumers who visit for good food. On one side, many renowned businesses are becoming more inclined towards technology, and on the other side, humans are being dependent on technology day by day.

Besides, with advancement of technology, humans have started to become monotonous and less active. Also, some individuals are getting addicted while using various applications. For example, we can ask ourselves a question i.e. how many times do we open Facebook in a day? Even though various productive content can be found on Facebook, many individuals tend to use Facebook for entertainment purposes. 

Therefore, many individuals mutualize their time watching various news feeds, stories, and videos on Facebook decreasing their productivity. Hence, if not used wisely, being exclusively dependent on ML and AI can lead to a decline in the efficiency and productivity of an individual both personally and professionally.  


There is a common saying that – Every dark side has a bright side and every bright side has a dark side. Similar to that, there are various positive and negative impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Sometimes, it might be difficult to cope up with the change. However, without flexibility for change, development cannot be possible in society. 

Even today, AI and ML are being used to carry out various tasks that are risky and are more likely to cost human lives. Furthermore, AI and ML are also used for carrying out various predictions and forecasting purposes. Therefore, the projects of AI and ML should be emphasized for the enhancement of the technology.

In conclusion, human beings should learn to use technology wisely. Also, individuals should learn to cope up with the advancement of technology and keep themselves updated so that they can survive in the market. Participating in seminars, workshops, researching on the updates of the upcoming technologies will eventually decrease the unemployment rate in the near future. Adding to that, people should enhance their skills as per the enhancement of technology for welcoming a completely digital age. For that, they can seek some certified courses on Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

In the case of today’s market, AI and ML are used in business for marketing, communication, and other various purposes for selling various products and reaching out to the global market. Even though AI and ML is likely to replace some of the human job markets, it can also create new human job opportunities like in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. So, the most important thing to consider for people here is to have determination and passion to learn and update themselves.

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