10 Things to know for a python developer

For any python developer around the globe, the following are the most important things to know
What is Python?

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1. What is Python?

        Python is a high-level programming language that can be used for many purposes and reasons. Compared to other programming languages Python’s code is easier to read and understand. You can complete a variety of software development projects with the use of Python. 

           It can be used for web development, back end development, writing scripts, or Data Science. All that can be achieved due to Python being a general-purpose language. 

2. Features of python

         There are a number of features in Python the programming language, some are stated below:

1.  It is easy to code language. The syntax is easier to learn compared to otherprogramming languages.

2. It is free to download, use, and alter (it’s an open-source language). All that means is that when there is something missing for a specific project or application someone is creating, they can add a new feature to complete that project and make it available to all Python developers who may find it interesting or important later on.

3.  It is an object-oriented programming language which means it supports concepts of classes, objects, and object encapsulation.

4. Python is a high-level (memory management isn’t obligatory), portable (can be used on Windows, Linux, or Mac platform).

5.  Graphical User Interfaces are easily created with the import of some libraries (for example PyQt5, which is the most widely used).

3. Why use Python?

      Python is one of the most sought out programming languages nowadays, some of the reasons employers look for Python developers are:

1.       The code is easily readable so it can be used by teams and everyone can understand the code. It is also maintainable meaning it’s easier to maintain and update the code of a given application.
2.       It supports a number of features and is very beneficial for the computer as well as the developer(s). One example of those benefits is it has automatic memory management.

3.       The standard library of Python is grand and has a range of modules that can be used according to what you need to do at the time.

4.       Python makes it easy to code and test that code at the same time. That way you can check if that part of the code is ready, before moving onto the next phase.

5.       It is possible to complete backend python developer and frontend python developer with Python.

4. Facts About Python Programming Language

Facts About Python Programming Language

         Python programming language has been around for 25 years. It is the fastest-growing language. With the possibility of new libraries or extensions being added to its arsenal, it has a promising future. It is one of the most desirable languages nowadays. In the software industry, Python developers are sought after, and the salaries for such individuals are at the top of the rankings compared to developers in other programming languages
          On New Year’s Day 2020, Python 2 became obsolete, giving way to Python 3officially. Python was one of the most searched for technologies in the previous 3 years and in 2019 became the most wanted programming language. It is one of the official languages at Google. Python has a vast software ecosystem and a strong community, any question someone has for a project that has been attempted already can almost always find an answer online with instructions or general information on how to go about it.

5. Examples of famous websites using Python

      Nowadays Python is widely used. So much so that it is astonishing when people realize how many famous applications or websites the programming language is used in.

Below the top five are listed:

1.       Youtube

2.       Quora

3.       Slack

4.       Spotify

5.       Instagram

The list is much longer and includes Pinterest, Uber and many others.

6. Who uses Python (companies)?

      For interested parties, it is good to know what language to learn and understand before applying for a dream position. As has been mentioned, Python is used in many ways and is employed by many companies.
     The top companies which use Python are:

1.       NASA

2.       Google

3.       IBM

4.       Nokia

5.       Red Hat


The list is ever-growing, with companies like Disney Animation and Yahoo using Python too.

7. Python expert programmers around the globe:

 1.Guido van Rossum 

 2.Reshma Shaikh 

 3.Ewa Jodlowska  

 4.Audrey Roy Greenfield 

 5.Łukasz Langa 

 6.Yury Selivanov and many more experts working their best

8. It’s Future and things Python work on

       In the last few years, Python has been growing in popularity and has topped the lists of important websites (f.e. StackOverflow). Nowadays, most web applications and games have some connection to Python, if not completely dependent on the Python language. With the growth in Artificial Intelligence and the variability of Python, the future of the language is a happy one. 
       People who are interested in learning Pythonare lucky because the software is free and there are numerous free tutorials online to get them started. As they progress there may be courses with minimal costs to gain the ultimate knowledge to become masters of Python, but the most important is to work on learning and progressing to become better.
          The most important future aspects of Python are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science (DS), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data.
         Python is far ahead compared to other languages when speaking about AI. It has a number of libraries and frameworks available to aid and reduce extra code and work needs to be done by the user/researcher to complete the project. There are specific libraries for different branches of AI. A number of libraries focused on Machine LearningArtificial Intelligence, and more specific tasks that can be completed automatically, instead of doing them by hand.
         Another important thing is, most deep learning projects and research are completed in Python, and therefore most tools that help develop these are introduced in Python before other languages. The most famous of these tools is Keras and PyTorch With Deep Learning (DL)becoming more and more known this is very important for people wanting to Learn machine learning and more specifically Deep Learning.

9. Average Salary for a Python Developer:

                In coming to terms of salary provided for the python developers. The technical level is measured up along with your performance. The average salary varies in a notable difference with the level of experience you acquire with Python.
      salary of python developer in India:
  • Entry-level python developer salary in India : Rs.4,30,000 around
  • Mid-level :Rs.9,10,000around
  • Advanced level: Rs.10,50,000 around
 the average salary of a python developer in the USA: $77,362 per year

        But nevertheless, the raise in requirement is also increasing rapidly, so these averages may vary from time to time. So choose wisely and make your perfect career choice.

10. What does a Python developer do?

   Python developer mainly helps in the development of the project at hand with the coding and development phases using their programming language expertise to fulfill the back-end of the projects at hand. hey, in turn, help in the development of software, Solve the errors, and fix the software in place with logic resulting in success.


    Python is the fastest expanding programming language, taking over the Information Technology world by storm. Its easy syntax and straightforward way make it accessible to all and many companies have switched to it. Another important factor is that it’s free and open-sourceallowing for everyone to complete their work in their own way.
            Nowadays Python is used in a number of topics from Web Development to Data Science making it a very versatile programming language. The future of Python is even bigger when speaking about Artificial Intelligence due to its amount of libraries making it perfect to delve into AI and more specific areas of it (AI) with Python.
     With the ever-evolving world, Python is a perfect choice because it can be altered to meet goals depending on the project at hand. Many companies have transferred to Python making individuals who know and understand the language in high demand for work.
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